Acoustical Considerations in Libraries: Why Soundproofing is Needed?

December 6, 2017 administrator

When you first step foot in a library, you should be transported to a different world. A world that is quieter, more comfortable and more calming. Libraries are places where people go to focus on their work or their research and having poor acoustical considerations can lead to a disruption in this goal. Thanks to […]

Acoustic Wall Panels and Foams Design Ideas

December 4, 2017 administrator

Spend a moment or two in a room that has been treated with acoustic wall panels for sound and you’ll never want to be without them. Acoustic foam and acoustic wall panels have been used in many different industries as well as at home, for private use, in order to maximise the quality of sound […]

Make Chesswood Acoustic Panels as Part of your Office Fitout

November 7, 2017 administrator

Walking through a modern office that hasn’t been treated for soundproofing can be the quickest way to get yourself a headache. Office noise is loud and constant, so many employees tune it out — to the detriment of their health and wellness. Offices don’t have to live with this untreated noise pollution and that is […]

Why Do Cinemas Need Acoustic Fabric Panels?

November 1, 2017 administrator

You don’t head to the local cinema in order to have a subpar experience. In fact, with so many other avenues of media consumption many people are choosing not to go at all! Whether you want to go to a local movie theatre or build one in your own spare room or basement, you need […]

Soundproofing and Acoustic Control in Retirement Homes

October 20, 2017 administrator

The ultimate goal of a retirement home is to give the guests there a comfortable place to live where their needs are met and their days are pleasant. An underrated aspect to servicing those two goals is the quality of silence. When guests and employees are able to enjoy a comfortably quiet environment the happiness […]

Understanding Noise Decibels and Vibration for Soundproofing Office Buildings

October 9, 2017 administrator

What kind of noise is heard in office buildings? Well, there’s buzzing copier machines. Vented air is hissing into the sound-dampened rooms, and there’s a clatter of cups coming from the canteen. Otherwise, the environment is devoid of noise, apart for a few busy clicks from a nearby computer keyboard. Understandably, noise decibel levels require […]

Is There a Required Thickness in Fabric Panels in Order to Work Effectively?

September 26, 2017 administrator

If you’re wondering whether acoustic dampening fabric panels work better when they’re manufactured from thicker materials, then you’ve come to the right place. Initially, you perhaps scoff at the idea of a required thickness, because why should an intangible soundwave be influenced by material depth? To put things in perspective and answer this question properly, […]

4 Key Reasons to ALWAYS Purchase Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam

September 13, 2017 administrator

Creating a sound booth or a room that maximises acoustic values can be an incredibly difficult task. Understanding frequencies, wavelengths, and acoustic construction can take a long time. It is understandable that people would be less than focused on potential safety concerns while they are studying. Acoustic foam and acoustic panelling are important accessories in […]

Common Home Theater Mistakes in Soundproofing

August 25, 2017 administrator

A new home theater installation, what an exciting prospect. You can’t wait to immerse yourself in crystal clear surround sound, with action movie audio coming at you from every direction. Before you become preoccupied with thoughts of speaker placement, though, you’ll want to soundproof the room. You’ll also want to avoid the following home theater […]

Factory Noise and The Need for Acoustic Control Solutions

August 7, 2017 administrator

Factories anchor our manufacturing sector. They process everything we use and basically shape our world. Loaded with machinery, the equipment whines and rattles all day and all night, much to every workers’ dismay. Acoustic control solutions minimise this industrial racket. Yes, noise dampening panels have a place of prominence here, but so does an intelligent […]