Whether you are trying to craft the perfect living room theatre or you simply want an office space that is less noisy, acoustic panels could be just the product for you. The internet is filled with information about sound absorption and sound deadening technology but ultimately what works is relatively simple. Acoustic panels like our Chesswood Slotted Panel System, help you to control how sound interacts with your room, thus changing the very way that you perceive it. Today, we are going to take a close look at acoustic panels in order to see how they work and what they can do for you.

Acoustic Panels for Sound Absorption

Have you ever walked into a theatre auditorium only to be fascinated by the massive panels that decorate that ceiling and the walls? These acoustic panels were installed so that you could have the ultimate movie-going experience. The same can be said of recording studios or even large office spaces, acoustic panels are always there to help. Knowing that they work is different from understanding how they work, so that is where we will start.

Throw a tennis ball against a wall and the ball will bounce back toward you. This is the same concept that soundwaves are beholden to. When sound hits a wall that hasn’t been treated with acoustic panelling, the waves bounce back right toward you. When you put an acoustic panel in place the soundwave doesn’t bounce back quite as hard. The reason? The material within the acoustic panel absorbs the waves, cushioning the blow, while crafting a softer reverberation. The soundwave goes through the porous exterior of the acoustic panel before bouncing around inside of the foam and fibre within.

The primary goal of an acoustic panel is to deaden some of the sharp reverb that you will experience in rooms of all sizes. This is not the only task that acoustic panels are beholden to. Acoustic panels also offer the benefits listed below:

1. Noise Reduction
– We used the tennis ball example because it was easy to picture, but acoustic panels attack more than just harsh and heavy noises. Every sound within your room crafts a corresponding soundwave. Having acoustic panels installed will help to soften all of their blows.

2. Sound Quality – While your reverb is cut down, your sound quality goes way up. Acoustic panels help while dealing with both your mid and high range frequencies simultaneously.

3. Affordable –
Finally, acoustic panels are incredibly affordable when compared to other high-end soundproofing options.