conferenceSpend a moment or two in a room that has been treated with acoustic wall panels for sound and you’ll never want to be without them. Acoustic foam and acoustic wall panels have been used in many different industries as well as at home, for private use, in order to maximise the quality of sound in your studio, theatre, or even just your office. However, one of the re-occurring issues surrounding acoustic foam is that it can be hard to have them installed in a stylish way while still taking care of your sound treatment concerns. Let’s look to a few ways that you can bring acoustic wall panels into your home or office while also embracing a functional and beautiful aesthetic.

Acoustic Panels as Artwork
Fortunately for us, there are ways to utilise decorative acoustic panels in order to both treat your room for sound and also make it look better as a result. If you want to cut back on the sharp reverb and echoes that have been plaguing your basement, office, or bedroom — consider these ideas.

1. Entertainment Centre Focal Piece – If you want to bring home cinema quality sound to your living room, you need to treat the area around your television with some quality Chessor AcoustiFoam. We recommend picking a colour of AcoustiFoam paneling and using it to create a focal point for your television to sit in front of. With the right colour choice, you can make your TV ‘pop’ off of the wall while enhancing the sound quality of your entertainment experience.

2. Decorative Custom Panels
– If you are handy with a table-saw and feel like getting creative, consider taking your decorative skills to the next level by customising your acoustic foam and wall panels. Acoustic paneling is wonderfully flexible to work with and as such, you can cut and shape it to your own content. Imagine a music studio with music-note shaped acoustic panels.

3. Home Movie Theatre
– Alright, so you want to go all-in so you can have the coolest movie theatre of all time. In order to do this, merely check out our AcoustiPro Fabric Panels. These panels come in a variety of different styles but we are partial to the creamy, velvet red that is so common in theatres around the country. Panel your movie-room with these fabric panels and enjoy an authentic theatrical experience right from your own home — without the sticky floors.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to using acoustic wall panels and acoustic foam to decorate your home. With a little bit of brainstorming, you can find the perfect way to enhance the sound in your home while increasing the artistic flair at the same time!