Home Soundproofing: How Acoustic Panels and Foams Can Help

May 21, 2018 administrator

A quieter home, that’s all anyone wants. Regrettably, thanks to paper-thin walls and loud street noises, that simple yearning sometimes seems just out of reach. And what about the home recording studio that the family musician is planning? It’s not going to happen, not until a home soundproofing system is installed. Dispatch that up-and-coming music […]

Most Effective Noise and Vibration Damping Materials

May 8, 2018 administrator

Two guiding principles decide whether a noise and vibration dampening solution works well. First of all, the architecture of the chosen soundproofing system cleverly channels the discordant energy. That intelligently directed noise then dissipates when it reaches an energy distributing core. Of equal importance, though, the elected dampening material must effectively absorb this artfully directed […]

Sound Absorption Technology of Fabric Panels: They are Not Your Ordinary Fabric

April 10, 2018 administrator

The textiles that serve the sound absorption industry are not run-of-the-mill fabrics. In other words, you couldn’t take a bolt of fabric, one used to tailor a sharp-looking suit, and expect the material to perform as a noise dampener. Not by any means, for sound absorption technology can’t work properly without a suitable fabric. The […]

Common Mistakes that People Make When Installing Acoustic Panels

February 28, 2018 administrator

Once you start to read about acoustics, you’ll never look at a room the same way again. At Chessor Acoustics we have made it our personal business to help change the world that our customers live in. When you properly treat a home, office, or studio for sound you will end up experiencing that room […]

Reasons Why Office Conference Rooms Need Acoustic Panels

February 14, 2018 administrator

When you stand at the front of your conference room in order to give a presentation for your job, you are going to want to know that your message is hitting its mark. Conference rooms are the engines that run businesses, both big and small, so it stands to reason that we’d want them to […]

Acoustic Panels in Sound Absorption Technology

January 29, 2018 administrator

Whether you are trying to craft the perfect living room theatre or you simply want an office space that is less noisy, acoustic panels could be just the product for you. The internet is filled with information about sound absorption and sound deadening technology but ultimately what works is relatively simple. Acoustic panels like our […]

Soundproofing Does Not Have To Be Costly With the Right Materials

January 22, 2018 administrator

Whether you are trying to soundproof your new home theatre or you merely want to improve the acoustics in your office, there are materials out there that can help you to get the job done. At Chessor Acoustic Control, we’ve spent the past 22 years guiding our customers to the right soundproofing materials to help […]