Once you start to read about acoustics, you’ll never look at a room the same way again. At Chessor Acoustics we have made it our personal business to help change the world that our customers live in. When you properly treat a home, office, or studio for sound you will end up experiencing that room in a completely different way. One of the most common ways for people to take acoustic treatment into their own hands is by way of installing acoustic panels. Unfortunately, installing acoustic panels can be a little trickier than you may have thought. Why? Well, we’re glad that you asked. Let’s take a closer look at acoustic panels and the most frequent mistakes that people make when working with them.

Common Mistakes When Installing Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panelling is a gift to the world of soundproofing. This simple product can help you to take a simple room and turn it into a work of art and a place fit for art to be worked upon. The acoustic panels we work with, from our Chesswood AcoustiSlat system to our Chesswood Perforated Panel System, are all designed for easy installation. Unfortunately, people still run into a few mistakes. Here are the most common soundproofing mistakes that people run into when working with acoustic panels.

1) Unfinished Treatment – Sound design is an industry unto itself and it’s not a surprise that people go to school for years in order to understand it. So, it isn’t a surprise that people routinely miss out on obvious treatment options when soundproofing their home or office. Don’t just put panelling on your walls, make sure to work with your ceiling in order to complete the treatment.

2) Lack of Research – As we alluded to above, working with sound engineering is an incredibly complex field. Don’t rely on a single piece of information to guide you through your acoustic panel installation. Make sure to read from high-quality sound engineers or consult the talented and informed consultants that work here at Chessor Acoustics.

3) Leaving Gaps
– you might think that a small gap in your acoustic panelling is no big deal, but you would be wrong. Unless you have a specially designed cavity on the wall, and you likely don’t, gaps are going to be the enemy of your acoustic panelling treatment.

Chessor Acoustics – Acoustic Panelling Done Right

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