Remember that fun little bar down the street that opened up in an old warehouse? The design was great and the aesthetic was pleasing to the eye but the sound was terrible. With workers hustling around the room and people fighting to make their voices heard, having dinner or a drink in a restaurant or bar that is not treated for acoustics can lead to a real headache. Today, we are going to discuss the value of acoustic panels and acoustic foams and how they can be properly used in both restaurants and bars. Acoustic sound design is an incredibly dense topic but we are going to drill the subject down to a fine point in order to help you treat your establishment with professional quality acoustic foam and panels.

Acoustic Panels & Acoustic Foams in Restaurants and Bars

When you head into a restaurant or bar you are typically doing so with the expectation that you will have an enjoyable and relaxing time. Unfortunately, when building owners ignore the importance of acoustic sound design it can completely ruin the night for everyone. Acoustic sound design is important but often overlooked and most importantly it is easy to remedy. How do you remedy your acoustic sound design in a bar or restaurant? You start by looking into acoustic panels and acoustic foam.

Acoustic panelling and acoustic foam inserts are a great way to address the various harsh sounds that end up bouncing around your busy restaurant environment. Acoustic panels and acoustic foam both accomplish the same task but they do it by going about the job in different ways. Let’s take a second to look at how each one impacts your room.

1. Acoustic Panels: Acoustic panel systems like the Chesswood AcoustiSlat are easy-to-install modular timber panel systems. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can be tailored to fit exact environments. These panels are created in layers and insulated to fit your needs. The goal of these panel systems is to absorb harsh sounds in order to soften how they sound in the room, thus improving the environment. They don’t block or deaden sound, they merely improve it.

2. Acoustic Foam:
Acoustic foam is the most popular and easy way to address sound issues within your bar or restaurant. You can buy fire retardant panels that come in any colour, shape or style that you need. The Chessor Acoustic Foam series is built with PolyStrex coating which makes it more attractive in a visual sense. This foam also absorbs sound to make for a more enjoyable and ambient dining experience.