While open-plan offices are extremely popular today, they do present a challenge as far as sound management is concerned. The reason for this is the fact that they do not contain as many walls to block or hinder sound transference from one section of the office to another section. If you do not address this issue, your employees will have difficulty concentrating on their tasks each day. Luckily, there are now various acoustic materials that dampen noises effectively. We provide facts about these materials in the following information.

Acoustic Panels or Paneling

Sounds are absorbed by acoustic paneling, which is usually part of a system of panels rather than one continuous one. Through this, the reverberation of sounds off hard surfaces is less. This paneling cannot prevent all sound transference since sound is a type of energy, but it can dampen the effect. You can select from different styles of these panels, including perforated, slotted or slatted ones. Also, they come in painted, stained or veneered finishes. Standard and custom sizes are available to suit your needs on top of all of their other attributes.

Acoustic Foam

Another material for dampening or absorbing sounds is acoustic foam. It comes in convoluted of plain sheets as well as free-form shapes. One thing that makes this choice popular in open-plan offices is the fact that it is cost-effective and attractive along with highly efficient at absorbing noise from the office area. Quality acoustic foam also is fade resistant with artificial lighting and exposure to UV rays. This quality makes it ideal for areas where you cannot block or tone down the light. Benefits of this foam include:

• Flexibility
• UV stable
• Provide even protection
• Comes in a wide assortment of colours
• Fire retardant can be added

Acoustic Baffles

As sound absorbers go, acoustic baffles are effectual at this task along with being lightweight. The baffles are designed to freely suspend from the ceiling to control noise transference effectively. These are ideal for open-plan offices since they are attractive while being ideal for high sound absorption. They also are durable to last over time.

You can combine all of these together when necessary along with fabric panels on the wall areas if desirable for the ultimate sound control. For further information about how acoustic materials provide effective sound management in open-plan offices, consult with Chessor Acoustic Control. We specialise in providing and installing materials for efficient sound control. Our company guarantees that your office will be a less noisy place, thanks to our assistance.