Whether you are trying to soundproof your new home theatre or you merely want to improve the acoustics in your office, there are materials out there that can help you to get the job done. At Chessor Acoustic Control, we’ve spent the past 22 years guiding our customers to the right soundproofing materials to help improve their acoustic control at home, at the office, in their own living room, and in their studios. Many people wander into the concept of acoustic soundproofing and immediately assume that it is an expensive task. This just isn’t the case. In order to properly soundproof your home, all you need is a little bit of knowledge and a few of the products that we offer. Let’s take a look at how you can start the soundproofing process without breaking your bank.

Soundproofing on a Budget

When you begin to contemplate soundproofing for your home or business you will no doubt start to do some research. Invariably, your internet research will lead you to the landing page of some website offering hyper-expensive products that they claim to be the ONLY solution to your soundproofing problems. While we’re sure those products work just fine, you don’t have to break your bank with overpriced wares. We believe in four fundamental products for soundproofing on a budget:

1) Acoustic Panelling – Acoustic paneling comes in a variety of different forms. From modular, slotted panels to perforated panel systems, this is the product you need for the sound control that you desire. Easy to install, acoustic panels are a flexible way to control the volume and sound leakage in your space.

2) Fabric Panels – Easy to explain, fabric panels are incredibly flexible and simple to install. Our AcoustiPro Fabric Panels are faced, edged, and available in a wide variety of different colours. Fabric panels can be the elegant final touch to your affordable soundproofing experience.

3) Acoustic Foam
– Foam comes in a variety of different shapes and colours and as a result, this will be the primary building block of your affordable soundproofing experience. Acoustic foam helps to absorb sound, acting as one of the first lines of defence when dealing with harsh noises. We believe in the Chessor AcoustiFoam and PolyStrex products which are fire retardant, flexible and easy to use.

4) Acoustic Baffle – The newest line of products that we offer and vouch for is known as an acoustic baffle, or sound baffle. Sound baffles operate as echo and reverb absorbing barriers. These are commonly applied on your walls or ceilings.

With the right knowledge in hand, you can tackle your soundproofing needs without ruining your wallet. Reach out to us here at Chessor Acoustics for all of your soundproofing needs.